So that our Cantos Apostólicos are never forgotten!
This website provides the melody and lyrics to more than 285 Cantos Apostólicos (Apostolic songs or hymns). It contains soothing instrumental music played by me. I have played and recorded this music as I learned it as a musician in the church that my father, Eutimio Rios, pastored in Las Cruces, NM. You can listen to the melody of these songs and you may download them to your computer free. You may add a link to this website to your church's website or to your Facebook, if you wish. I do not need the publicity or compensation, nor do I wish to sell this music. The Lord blessed me tremendously throughout my professional career. My sole mission is "So that they are never forgotten", "A fin de que nunca sean olvidados" - to preserve the melody of the Cantos Apostólicos "viejitos". Unfortunately, there is no sheet music for these old cantos, so hundreds of them have already been forgotten.

The Lord continues to bless this ministry. Our prayer is that you are blessed as you listen to these songs. Please pray for this ministry and tell others to simply do a search for "cantos apostolicos" on the Internet. Click on "comments" to read the effect that these cantos is having on many people all over the world. You can add your comment to the Comments Book on the left, if you wish. 

Larry C. Rios
Click on "Cantos" or "Gospel Songs”, to listen (and sing along) to free, beautiful instrumental  praise music played by Larry C.  Rios. Included are 46 of the 79 songs composed by Bro. Lorenzo Salazar.
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Enjoy these recordings while they exist on this website. The website will be shut down  in September 2024, and the recordings will be available, in one key only, on YouTube.

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